Monday, 19 November 2007

Refactoing & revisiting

There are few things as annoying as a dormant blog - and here I am doing the exact same thing. I've recently revisit Vicki and I am in the process of refactoring the engine. I have found some bugs with the repetition detection and I am spending some time to get the engine stable. Once this is complete, I'll start working in getting the engine up to scratch.

One element that has been missing from Vicki is decent testing. For the time being I've identified 28 engines, ranging from weak to rather strong. The idea is to put Vicki in a gantlet against them and work with the final score as an indication of strength (2 rounds, from the starting position). Later on I'll try the test suites again.

Let see how it goes...


Rajiv Bakulesh Shah said...

Which chess engines are you going to test VICKI against? Did my chess engine, Gray Matter, make the list?

I'd love to see how our engines do against one another!

P.S. Please keep posting. I'll keep reading. :-)

Jaco van Niekerk said...

Hi Rajiv

I've just selected a random bunch of chess engines, but unfortunately Gray Matter is not one of them. The only reason being is that I was not aware of it. I am running a tournament Vicki vs. Gray Matter now and will post the results. ;-) Thanks for your interest and good luck with your engine!

(I also play the guitar - and I love classical!)