Saturday, 09 July 2011


I've not posted for over a year.  Although I have not had much time to work in Vicki, the engine is definitely not dead.

I will start with a rewrite in the foreseeable future.  I am not yet sure which direction I'd like to take with Vicki - but I am toying with the following:
  1. Possibly rewriting the engine in Java.  The speed difference between Java and C is negligible, when the number of objects used are limited.  Java also has better testing frameworks (well, from what I could find) and is platform independent.  I can also throw in my own GUI, if I like.
  2. General improvement on absolutely everything from move generation write through to opening/ending databases.
  3. Multi-threaded searching for multi-core systems.  I have access to some serious hardware at work (i.e. 64Gb RAM with 8 quad core processors).  Would be interesting to use of of those for a tournament!
  4. I would like to finally get learning right!
  5. Full-time up server playing on servers.
Watch this space!

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Thomas said...

Hi, I'm waiting for the next release. Your engine was one of the first my engine played against and mine did not so good.

Keep it up !