Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Move generation

The first step is move generation.  I have committed myself to Java and bitboards for Vicki 2.0.  The advantage of Java is that it is much more platform independent than C... well, mostly.  Bitboards is also a good move, given that it is theoretically faster than the postbox method and besides, it is something interesting to learn.

So the list of tasks for the next few days is as follows:

1. Set up data structures Done
2. Set and get board (FEN-based) Done
3. Simple textual display Done
4. Move generation for non-sliders (pawns, knights and kings) In progress...
5. Move generation for sliders (bishops, rooks and queens) Pending
6. Make move Pending
7. Unmake move Pending
8. Perft testing Pending

For now, the representation simply contains positions for each of the pieces.  The derived pieces will be added later.

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