Sunday, 25 March 2007

Vicki's first game

To my utter disbelief Vicki played its first game a few moments ago. Its a great feeling. All I used was a the basic alpha-beta search (with no move ordering) with crude mate detection. The evaluation function considers only material and gives a small bonus for controlling central squares (which makes for interesting games as well.) Vicki plays like a complete beginner - but it plays!

Next, I'll probably need to add some Winboard support.


Anonymous said...

Great news! :-) UCI protocol is also worth considering, it's much easier than Winboard, supports configurable options and when you come to implement pondering it will save you a *lot* of pain!

Jonatan Pettersson said...

Or you do it like me and do both.. twice the pain though. :)

But yeah I would go for UCI if I would have to choose one, just easier. It is always possible to use things like Polyglot if you for some reason have to play it in a Winboard interface.