Saturday, 21 July 2007

Official tournament!

Hi all...

I haver entered Vicki into the "The 2007 Second Annual ACCA President's Tournament & 2007 World Computer Rapid Chess Championships". So far, 40 engines have entered and I fear them all! Although this will be a good exposure for Vicki.

I am having difficulties with the transposition table and it seems that Vicki may be the only engine participating without a transposition table at all. At least the improved move ordering is allowing fairly deep tree searches. Also the evaluation function has been improved somewhat and bug fixes have been made. I'll add this version of Vicki to the website soon.

I know Vicki will be obliterated in this tournament - but if I can only get one draw, I'll be very happy :-)

Hold thumbs!


Jonatan Pettersson said...

Good luck!

I'm hoping for place 10 from the bottom or so for Mediocre. Perhaps too much to hope for, especially with my stoneage computer.

Jaco van Niekerk said...

Hi Jonatan

Best of luck for the tournament. I'm hoping for a draw :-) Hope all goes well!